I am Dr G R Ravi, M.B.B.S., M.D ( Med ), a practising  diabetologist with 20 years of experience in the field of diabetes and metabolic diseases. I have practised in almost all the big corporate hospitals in Chennai, India. At present I run a stand alone diabetes and metabolic disease treatment centre called CHENNAI DIABETES CARE in the city of Chennai.

We are seeing an exponential increase in the number of people becoming diabetic, especially in the younger age group and there is an absolute lack of awareness about the disease even among well educated individuals. Even  people with mild or borderline diabetes are devastated upon diagnosis and start seeking all sorts of remedies. 

Borderline diabetes and other metabolic diseases are controllable and/or reversible with just simple lifestyle changes. Lifestyle changes can prevent type 2 diabetes or at least delay its onset until a much later age in most people. Even established diabetes is reversible in some people with some effort.

We will have to educate the general population about the importance of maintaining good habits and health, drive the point that diabetes is preventable and/or reversible in most of the cases. For this reason, I wanted to start a movement called “PREVENT DIABETES TYPE 2” for the general public.

As a small initiative towards my goal, I have started this website to impart some knowledge, awareness and guidance. I hope to make it very simple and basic, so that everyone understands and benefits from it. This will be a continuous process and I will be updating you regularly with the latest information. Hope to benefit the people and society, at least in a small way.

With Regards,

DR G R Ravi